Metal Embossing Made Easy Online Course



You never knew creating 3-dimensional

metal artworks could be this easy!



Comprehensive step-by-step video tutorials teaching the key metal embossing techniques required to create beautiful 3-dimensional metal artworks.


Suitable for complete beginners!


Herewith a look at how we emboss metal sheets to create beautiful 3-D designs



Are you excited to learn more about Pewter Art and Metal Embossing, but unable to find teachers in your area?


Are you struggling to find the tools, materials and supplies you need to start your metal

embossing journey?


Are you feeling frustrated because you don't know how to interpret designs into 3-dimensional metal artworks?


Do you feel like giving up on this art form because you made a mistake and don't know how to fix it?

Ninette Kruger - Pewter artist at Ninette Kruger Metal Art

Hi, I'm Ninette, pewter and metal embossing artist at Ninette Kruger Metal Art.


I have been doing pewter art and metal embossing since 2003,  I absolutely love sharing my passion for pewter and metal embossing with my students.


My mission is to fast-track my students to metal embossing success by teaching them my best techniques, strategies and tips to create high quality metal embossing artworks.


I have been living in New Zealand with my family since 2016 and know the struggles of sourcing metal embossing tools and supplies in a country where very little is known about this art form.


I would love to support on your metal embossing and pewter art journey and make it as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Some projects made by me and my students



This course offers incredible value, for only $49!



What you will learn inside


* What is metal embossing?

* Types of metal used in metal embossing

* Tools and supplies needed and how to use them

* Direct access to my suppliers at no extra cost to you. Supplies will be delivered to your door, no matter where you are based in the world!

*How to transfer any design onto metal

*The key metal embossing techniques : Low relief, high relief and engraving

*3 x BONUS Techniques!

* How to combine the techniques to create multi-level 3-dimensional metal artworks

*How to fill your raised design with a filler

* How to add patina & polish your metal

* How to mount your metal onto wood, glass, notebooks, boxes 



Have a look at what some of my 1st-time students have created the very first time they ever worked with metal! 

You can now learn this enjoyable art form from the comfort of your own home


After completing METAL EMBOSSING MADE EASY, you will be able to :


  • You will be able to transfer any design or pattern of your choice onto metal, and be able to work the design out into a stunning 3-dimensional artwork.
  • You will know how to work with pewter, aluminium and coloured metals, and understand the different patina and polishing processes involved for each one.
  • You will know how to use the different tools used in metal embossing
  • You will know how to use low relief, high relief and engraving techniques to create multi-layered, multi-textured metal artworks.
  • You will know how to fix mistakes!
  • You will be BLOWN AWAY by the endless opportunities this amazing art form offers, as you will fully understand how to apply metal designs to glass, wood, canvas, frames and more!

Are you ready to become part of our vibrant online community of metal enthusiasts and create amazing metal artworks?


Testimonials from students who have attended my classes 



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