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Important announcement:

In order to serve you at the highest possible level, I have made both my courses available in my Metal Embossing Membership Site



In the current economic climate and Covid-19 crisis, I feel that I can provide you with the most meaningful content and financial value in this way.  Get instant access to the following:


1) Metal Embossing Made EASY course ($125) : Comprehensive beginner course that teach the key metal embossing techniques, how to work with pewter, aluminium and colour-coated metal sheets, how to transfer any design to metal, and so much more. Read the full description by clicking on the Metal Embossing Made EASY course on the left below).

Get immediate full access to the course, and work through it in your own time, with the support of our private Facebook community.

2) Metal Tape Notebook Course ($45): Learn how to transform everyday objects with metal tape. Step by step video class teaching key metal tape techniques.

Get immediate, full access to the Metal Tape Notebook course, and work through it in your own time.

3) Ongoing monthly support from our amazing community of metal enthusiasts: Our community is the most incredible part of this offer! Be inspired and encouraged by like-minded people. Build new friendships with metal art lovers from across the globe. Learn from those who are a little ahead of you on the journey, and encourage those behind you. We willingly share our knowledge and help each other thrive and grow in our craft.

4) Free access to designs, resources, product recommendations, and ongoing metal embossing education: As part of our membership program, you will have access to bonus resources, free designs, pattern downloads, mini tutorials, Q & A sessions, interviews with metal embossing experts, product recommendation, special offers and so much more!

5) Access to Blog posts and YouTube videos as soon as they are published: Be the first to lay your eyes on new content on the blog and YouTube and stay at the top of your game!

6) Get bonus member discount on classes and new courses!


All of this for:


A once-off, upfront annual membership payment of only $150 (pay for 10 months, get 2x free)




A monthly payment of $15 per month






Some projects made by me and my students




Please click on each separate image for more information on the specific course. Both these courses are now included in our special Membership Site

Metal Embossing Made EASY

Online Course

Metal Tape Notebook 

Online Course

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